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Internal Heating and Cooling Coil Reactor

Internal Heating and Cooling Coil Reactor
Internal Heating & Cooling Coil Reactor are generally preferred where highly exothermic reactions are taking place, to control the temperature. Internal coils can be either helical or axial and they considerably affect the flow inside the reactor because they impose an additional resistance to flow circulation. The performance of these types of reactors is greatly affected by the location of their internals and their mode of operation. This means that the number and location of the coils, as well as tube radius and coil helix diameter are important design parameters for such systems. All these factors have an influence on the flow and heat transfer inside the tank. The amount of coils and their design will determine the heat transfer area inside the tank. On the one hand, it is desirable to have as many coils as possible for it increases the heat transfer area but, on the other hand, the smaller the number of coils and its diameter is, the better the circulation and mixing inside the tank. These reactors are designed keeping in mind, the process requirements.

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